About Me

My dear visitor

My name is Nune
I am a jewelry designer who loves beauty, fashion, history, art and culture.
I grew up in an environment that was very encouraging to my vision and creativity.
I started making jewelry for family and friends, but mainly for my diploma work of graduation at Yerevan State Academy of Fine Arts.
I love making unique jewelry and it turned from hobby to a business when I understood I had more jewelry ideas than I could ever imagine and couldn't stop creating.

Each piece from “me” is hand-assembled using only the finest materials, creating jewelry that is powerful and fun, with the everlasting look of classic elegance, extraordinary pieces that can be worn anywhere.
My working standards as a jeweler are high and the meticulous attention to detail preserve that each “Nunu” piece created is the premium.
Now I am starting to work on more complex designs to challenge myself and include new materials to my hand made pieces.
There is no end to things I want to create for my customers.
Sincerely yours,

Fashion jeweler Nune Saqeyan